The Executive

Does death exist? What changes when we go to the Spiritual dimension? The central character of our story, Maria Lúcia, took a long time to realize and accept her new reality, continuing her mistakes and misunderstandings despite the constant help and support of friendly relatives, who sought to awaken her from her selfish dream to […]

We are so young

Great commotion always accompanies the passing away of young people. Nonetheless, the accounts brought by spirits charged with explaining the continuity of existence on the spiritual dimension demonstrates exactly the opposite. In this impressive book, Geraldo Campos shares the experiences of young people and their journeys full of learning, spiritual growth, struggles, and awakenings that […]

The Magician

Does magic really exist? Can our lives be affected by charms and witchcraft? Do magicians have supernatural powers? You can find the answers in the captivating story of Zacharie, a boy that intended to ascend to the illusive steps of fame and wealth through the Art of Alchemy with the single goal to satisfy his […]

Sin and Punishment

From the outskirts of Paris, Jacques the peasant departs to discover the true story behind the death of his daughter, Eliette.

Slaves to Hatred

How can we defend ourselves from the evil that still resides so deeply in some hearts? Does forgiveness fit in any situation?

The Dealer

The Dealer is a Novel that will not go unnoticed once in the hands of a younger or older reader as well as a dependent or non-dependent person.

The Game of Life

The vice of gambling was and continues to be the object of constant studies by the most renowned researchers and scientists of human behavior.

The King

How much there is to learn in this universe of our Creator! One existence, just one fraction of a second of our immortality.

Love & Betrayal

The story of Carl, Junior and Luciana portrays the still immature, inconsistent, and selfish feelings that are part of our imperfect nature.

In the Time of Jesus

“In the Time of Jesus” is an exciting story of a character demonstrating the importance of our choices and their consequences.