The King

How much there is to learn in this universe of our Creator! One existence, just one fraction of a second of our immortality. Various personalities, but just one spirit, with the need to practice love and, therefore, exercise its superior potentials, the divine fraction within us, as the heirs that we are. I had shocked when I came face-to-face with true reality, after the death of my physical body, having one day come to consider myself a true “king,” with ideas and concepts rooted in materialism and in the advantages that fame had provided me in my earthly life. Finally, they say that disillusion is the visit of truth, but Christ teaches us that truth alone will set us free. Follow my story and confirm it…

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We are so young

Great commotion always accompanies the passing away of young people. Nonetheless, the accounts brought by spirits charged with explaining the continuity of existence on the

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Umberto Fabbri is an educator, writer and specialist in Communication Techniques. He has published over 80 books, many of them translated into English and Spanish, and has delivered over 5000 lectures at conferences, seminars and at various institutions in Brazil and abroad.